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Opera Now: Close Encounters - Pop-up Concerts

Original article in Opera Now by Coriander Stuttard | In an age of ‘pop-ups’, when restaurants, fashion and experiences spring up and then disappear, leaving yo wanting more, it’s not surprising that classical music has joined the trend. But for two classical music pop-up ventures, DEBUT Treehouse and Classical Pop-Ups, there is much more behind them that a short-lived gimmick. And through ticketing partnerships with Airbnb they are finding they can suddenly reach out to new audiences who, in pop-up style, are left with open minds and a thirst for discovering more.

Lizzie Holmes, a 28-year-old soprano, founded DEBUT in 2015, inspired and helped by Philip Carne, founder of the Carne Trust, which supports young talent in the performing arts. Holmes wanted to showcase emerging singers…

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Shoreditch Secrets: Concert in a Shoreditch Treehouse

Original article in The Stage Shoreditch by Cari Thomas | A penthouse treehouse… located in the middle of Shoreditch... containing a Steinway concert grand piano. A series of increasingly implausible statements. There’s another: this is the location of a monthly opera and classical music concert known as Debut Treehouse.

You’ll find the treehouse just off Shoreditch’s busy Great Eastern Street. It is in fact a bohemian loft space on the top floor of an apartment building. However, step inside and it feels every bit a treehouse: an expanse of space, polished wooden floors, wooden ceilings, thick beams adorned with fairylights and brightly coloured Nepalese prayer flags, eclectic furniture and ornaments from around-the-world travels, green foliage and a large indoor olive tree. Throw in a hammock chair and a swing and you have been transported to the treetops of distant and magical woods.

I met with its owner Ross Elder to find out how this unique location has become the setting for these increasingly popular music events. The Debut Treehouse concerts, which are held every last Sunday of the month, are being booked up weeks in advance and have just been voted the second best Airbnb experience out of its 3100 experiences across the world. During the evening the audience is treated to…

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'Loft Party Meets Musical Soiree' - Q&A with Debut's Lizzie Holmes

Original article by Felicity Carol for Arthur's Seat | Debut has been on our radars for over a year, and is definitely a company worth keeping an eye on. A platform for the UK’s finest fresh-faced opera talent, they aim to bridge the worlds of opera and events – as well as hosting monthly nights in Shoreditch (Debut Treehouse) designed to redefine notions of the artform. Felicity caught up with its founder, former Phantom of the Opera performer Lizzie Holmes, to find out more.

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